26 May 2010

The fellow!

I brist på bättre underhållning Google-translaterade jag mitt senaste inlägg till engelska...

Suffering from acute injustice
I just read in a discussion about a new mother who thought she was stuck at home forever with a baby in the tagging format. She would prefer to have weighed on the withdrawal button and the return of her baby to the hospital.

So dangerous, I did not experience it. Well, I did not know "That as a boot in the head and so I was up in the seventh heaven of love when I saw fellow first time. Most felt like a real boot in the groin, and so I raved about in trötthetshimeln. In your own little helplessly cute creature crawling on your stomach.

The first few days at home I was too tired and dizzy from all the new ones to bother me and A were constant, nursing home for us and helped. But then suddenly when the fellow was a week he would put on ice to the cottage. What was he thinking? He had a son now and could fall through the ice and die! Things do not fathers!
But he assured me that the ice was and promised to return home since.

And I was jealous. So acute avunsjuk. I was reeking green with envy because he nonchalantly like that could open the door, go out and do anything, anytime. Because I saw you it was something I could not do anymore.
In four hours (believe me, I counted minutes) I sat at home and was so jealous that I almost cried! And when he finally got home, he suffered a minor scolding for being out there and just enjoyed themselves and left me so long with a very awake and embrace sick (and still cute) little guy. Shame man!

You can nod wisely and say, "hormones" and "you get used to faster than you think", but dedär first frigid weeks in jaunari when he was not looking to do something file but just continued with her life as usual while I have to sit at home and as food producers, they were awful!

Then we could start to go on trips in the car and the weather became warmer and more slowly walk friendly and hormones evened out and then one day as suddenly as it arrived was avunsjukan away.

Now it is already established habits. In addition, it is more work than pleasure he is looking at and it already feels better. I pynjar and picks here at home, the only thing I miss is my own little car to wrap me and fellow of the horn and go out into the world sometime we. But in order to be honest. It is cheaper that I get home and pynjar than that I go through a mall and pynjar: P


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